I am playing with a gift from Karl and Angela!

The software they sent me, Kai's Power Goo, is rather unusual. It takes an image and allows the user to utterly destroy it! Did I mention that Karl and Angela gave this to me for my birthday? What in heaven's name were they thinking? Perhaps that I need a face lift:

Is this what "shit faced" looks like?

Unfortunately, they didn't purchase a nice piece of art for me. I would have rather appreciated that far more. For example, perhaps they could have purchased, oh, say, the Mona Lisa for me? O.K., kind-of expensive you say? Well, perhaps a reasonable knock off of the Mona Lisa like one of the two below?

I would have liked either of these -- framed a bonus!

Well, maybe not? In fact, upon first seeing those pictures of the Mona Lisa, I got in my new car and drove away! What new car? Well, this one. Cool, huh?

Karl, the perpetual animal lover, will be happy with me. I have come to have an interesting rapor with both cats and dogs. Not just any cat, a big human eating cat! Really. Don't believe me? Check me out with man's best friend, or with that lovely cat.

This new software is wonderful. I have been able to realize my dream of plastic surgery. Lets face it, a characteristic trate of many jews is the big (HUGE!) nose. In fact, I often have wondered with such a large nose how much in-breeding was done in my family before I came along? Many a nights I lay awake trying to picture my non-branching family tree. Sad huh? Oh, the point here is simply that I can now see what I might look like with more in-breeding or less (guess which is which).

At this point you're wondering if there is anything useful that this Kai's Power Goo can do? Well, the simple answer is no. Just take a look at the image that is a good reflection of what my mind can conjure up on a boring day.

Ever get called an Air Head? I haven't, but if I were to be called one, I'd imagine that the person calling me an air head thought I looked like this:

What a fool to think I could actually look like that. One thing's for sure, any one thinking that I look like that is more messed up than I! Wait, I dreamt up that picture of me? Interesting turn of events. Perhaps I am a Communist? After all, I have defaced the wonderful flag of the USA!

I could go on forever, but then I already have. I will probably add to this little treatment of the wonderful procrastination tool given to me by Karl and Angela. For now, this is all she, er, he, er, I wrote.

And here I am! Back again! Just a short note to ask folks if they've noticed anything different about Dilbert? Just look at him on the T-Shirt Karl and Angela got for me. He's not looking good! He looks like he's become one of those bosses he's so often talking about! Bummer.